Field of work and philosophy

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Field of work

Analysis and evaluations, conservation and restoration of secular and ecclesiastical works of art from the Department for the Care of Monuments (Denkmalpflege) covering all epochs. From collections in museums to privately owned.


The conservation of art work and culturally valuable objects means maintaining, preserving and securing them for future generations. In principal our cultural heritage can only then bear honest witness, if it has been cared for based on scientific and ethical standards. These standards can only be achieved by trained specialists able to scientifically and technically meet this responsibility. They are a prerequisite for the follow-up restoration, which deals with the aesthetics of art work. The authenticity of the art work should, as far as possible, be restored and maintained by means of a minimally invasive treatment, true to the maxim: "as little as possible and a much as necessary". Subtlety and a feeling for such work is a basic requirement.

Love and enchantment for all art work, in all its variety, is at the core of my work.

Angelika Fischer-Menshausen - Conservator

Graduated with Diploma from the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro in Rome/Italy in the field of Easel Painting, Murals and Sculpture, 1974.

Since 1981, private conservator in Hamburg, Germany.
Studio in Goldbekhof in Hamburg-Winterhude, Moorfuhrtweg 9b (in a studio association with Aika Schnacke, Easel Painting and Modern Art)

Member of the VDR (Verband der Restauratoren - Society of Conservators)

Tutor of trainees for a city initiative, the "Hamburger Model", in which trainees gain practical experience in advance of their studies.